A Few Common Issues

Anyone can go through the motions of having sex, but wouldn’t you rather have great, passionate, and fulfilling sex? Most couples would answer that question with a giant “Yes!” What’s preventing them from reaching that goal?


When a couple has different expectations of how often to have sex – whether less or more – it can cause tension in the marriage.

Lack of Desire

Sometimes one or both partners can lose the desire for intimacy altogether.

Pushing Boundaries

When you or your spouse wants to do things in the bedroom that the other is uncomfortable with, passion can quickly come to an end.

Lack of Communication

Communication is key. When there is a desire for communication before or after sex, this can cause disconnection between a couple.

Past Hurt

Having a sexual life that is inhibited due to things that have happened in the past is a common cause of a struggling sex life.


Work, kids, and life, in general, can get in the way and put lovemaking on the back burner. Keeping The Spark lit is essential to a healthy sex life.

The Spark Video Package

Get access to a series of 12 videos that all capture real-life scenarios of why your love life might be suffering as a married couple. 

Dr. Beam provides medical, social, and psychological information on how to handle these situations so you can rebuild both your emotional and physical connections with the one you love.

In this program, you’ll also be provided with a handbook that contains information, questions, and assessments that go along with every video in the series.

The goal of the workbook is to help you learn more about yourself, better understand the needs of your partner, and ultimately grasp an understanding of what’s preventing you and your spouse from enjoying a passionate sex life together.

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Meet Dr. Joe Beam

Dr. Beam earned his PhD from the University of Sydney while studying sexual and marital satisfaction. He is a respected authority on love, sex, and marriage and has made it his mission to save and strengthen marriages–starting in the bedroom. You heard me right…developing healthy, intimate relationships between the sheets–or wherever you decide to enjoy the company of your spouse–is a subject that is not taboo to Dr. Beam.


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The Spark Video Package

Key to More Passionate Sex

Do you crave “oneness” more than your spouse does? This is a very common problem that men and women in relationships face. And it’s no surprise, as males and females often take different paths to ignite romance and fulfill their desires when it comes to their sex lives.

Desire for More Sex

While a man might not mind initiating a night of passion, after a while, he may begin to have thoughts like, “Does my wife not enjoy having sex with me?” or “Am I not enough anymore to get my wife excited?” The reality is that passion, in terms of sexual fulfillment, is normally stronger in men. On the other hand, a woman may feel fulfilled from simply connecting with her partner on an emotional level.

Set Your Love Life on Fire

Having a healthy, passion-filled sex life is one of the best ways to strengthen the relationship between a couple’s hearts, souls, and minds. Yet, sadly, we live in a world where couples turn to pornography, affairs, and even open relationships. These alternatives won’t help. They may give some relief temporarily, but ultimately, they destroy the sex life between you and the person you love.

The Spark

Setting yourself up for a lifetime of amazing sex is not and should not be dependent on using pills or 3rd-party participants. Instead, enjoying a lifetime of passionate nights boils down to one thing…fulfilling a promise to align your sexual desires with the one you love. The Spark will help you and your spouse solidify that one desire so you can go on to enjoy a fulfilled sex life.

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